Agile Coach & Facilitator

I create the necessary structures to enable efficient, agile working for teams and their interfaces. I support managers in their development into Agile Leaders so that they can set the framework for self-organization and open communication.

To achieve this, I use a broad toolbox of agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and scaled Scrum to jointly create work structures that promote collaboration in a focused manner.

The conception and facilitation of workshops and trainings is also part of my expertise.

I am part of the agile coach collective The Bold Setup.

About me

My Clients

I am familiar with both the lean structures of start-ups and the extensive process landscapes of large corporations. I know a wide range of industries - automotive, eCommerce, energy trading - just to name a few.

For me, understanding the needs and the real situation of my customer is the basis of a successful cooperation.

My Competencies

I master a wide range of agile methods: Scrum (scaling), Kanban, feedback and failure culture. This allows me to advise and coach you  and your teams comprehensively.

I can also give your organization the necessary theoretical input with tailor-made training courses on agile values and methods.

My Values

The basis of agile work are lean structures, autonomous employees and constant reflection. I am convinced that self-organized teams are the key to an efficient way of working.

I consider reflection and continuous learning to be essential in order to develop personally and to work together in the best possible way in a team.

Finally - it's here! 

A workbook with bullet journaling elements for self-study to guide you on your agile journey

 Are you just at the beginning of your agile journey and don't really know how to start? 

Or have you already taken your first steps and stalled?

Then this book is for you. It helps you to reflect on your motivation and goals and gives you concrete suggestions for an initial setup. It doesn't want to replace an Agile Coach or Scrum Master. 

Rather, it is intended as a guide to self-coaching to master the challenges and questions that most people face at the beginning of agile working.

This book is not designed as a pure reading book, but a workbook with which you can actively work on your topics. It offers tips and best practices and moments for self reflection. With templates to fill in, you can work on the individual questions of your team or project, and thus improve your everyday work in a very practical and concrete way.

Only through your feedback we can learn what we can do even better. This is very important to us! 

That's why the first 100 copies are available at a discounted price of 19,95€ incl. shipping (within Germany).

To order the book, use the contact form.

Get in touch with me

Whether for a single workshop, a multi-day training or an ongoing coaching - let's talk about what you need and how I can help you!