My Portfolio

Agile Coaching / Scrum Master

Wether you are just starting on agile or  you are already in the middle of the way, let's find the solution individually tailored to you - Scrum, individual agile elements or other formats that support open communication and continuous improvement for you.

I can support your teams as a Scrum Master or train and coach an employee in this role.

OKR Master

Working with objectives and key results is a great way to link your strategic level with the operational work of your teams.

I can facilitate your OKR Planning meetings and help leaders and employees understand the why and how of OKRs.


With targeted training, you ensure that your employees get the theoretical input they need for successful agile transition.

As an experienced trainer, I offer you tailor-made training on agility: processes, methods and communication.

Workshop Facilitation

Let's look at your current situation from a new perspective!
I bring a large toolbox of methods from analytical approaches to creative methods and also know how to lead large groups.

Whether at team level or for your leaders - I help you move forward in a solution-oriented way

Project Experience - Excerpt

Scrum Master for several international teams with a high remote share; Setting up structures according to Scrum and SAFe; Initial training of the team members and subsequent accompaniment and support of the teams towards self-organization

Design of a workshop "Embracing Agile" with about 40 participants of the upper and middle management level

Conception of a Scrum Master's training for a medium-sized company. Implementation of the 3-day training and subsequent coaching of the newly trained Scrum Masters

Conception and implementation of a 2-day team development workshop with approx. 50 participants

What others say about me

"Marei is exceptional. Her drive and passion are thrilling. She is courageous in doing things differently and helped me personally to get a better Scrum Master. Her trainings are well organized, interactive and thoughtful. She challenged and encouraged our company to evolve and had a lasting positive impact doing so."
Tobias Wartner, Scrum Master

"Marei helped us grow together as a team. We have achieved a lot together and have grown from a chaos project to a well-rehearsed team. It was great fun to work with her."
Andreas Werner, Senior Softwareentwickler

ā€˛Marei is pragmatic, creative and solution-oriented, authentic and "straight to the point" in the sense of the process. She holds up a mirror to herself and others for reflection. She uses her professional methodology and toolbox in a targeted manner and appropriate to the situation. I have come to know them as positively challenging!"
Sylvie Birkel, Senior Change Manager

"Marei is perceived by customers as a sensitive and structuring enrichment in times of change work in companies. Fearless and curious, she offers customers undreamt-of spaces for thinking and acting and manages to understand even painful pattern breaks as self-evident and immanent in action. If you ask customers to characterize Marei and her effectiveness in one word, the same descriptions are almost universally used: empathetic, direct, authentic, human catcher, competent.""
David Holzer, Agile Coach